Girl Scouts of America

Brownie Troop #14014, #14071, #14079


       Members of all three troops posing with the sanctuary's German Shepherd whose name is Titan.     

        Titan rules the playground and hogs the slide!


        It is important to learn how to properly care and sanitize the animals bowls, litter boxes and bedding.   

        The wash station  was busy with little hands and scrubbing bubbles!


       It can't be all work and no play...    After feeding, cleaning and bathing the pets, a game of Tetherball

    with a French Bulldog named Skeeter was in order.  (Everyone loves Skeeter, so she is always allowed to win!)


    There is plenty of room to park at the shelter.   Come spend a lovely afternoon with the dogs, cats and horses

    that are waiting for forever homes.

These thoughtful and wonderful young ladies held a supply drive for items needed at the shelter.   They called before collecting items to see what we needed the most.  We now have plenty of cat litter, kitten and puppy food and toys.

Thank you girls!   The animals enjoyed your visit!