Boy Scouts of America

Hunter Grimes Earns the Noble Rank of Eagle!

Hunter, being an animal lover, came to Noah's Ark wanting to do a service project benefiting animals.   He toured the sanctuary, observed and learned of the many different needs for the dogs, cats and horses.  Noah's Ark had taken in an abused and neglected rescue horse a few months earlier and from the bits and pieces learned, she was apparently a show horse trained for barrel racing.  After several months of  loving, tender care and nourishing food, the shelter volunteers questioned her becoming overly obese.   Alas!  A visit from the local veterinarian confirmed that she was pregnant.  

When Noah's Ark purchased the shelter property, there was an old existing barn used by the previous owners for storage.   The shelter did not have the proper facilities or was prepared for a mother-to-be.   Hunter decided to help Noah's Ark and Sassy by cleaning out the barn and enlarging the stalls to accommodate the expectant mother.  To say the least, the barn was packed full of junk and was a total mess!

What a project!!  Hunter enthusiastically organized and mobilized his fellow troop members and parents to come out to help clean the old barn and erect the stalls.   It was a very long and all day project.   It was a beautiful day to work and play with the dogs and cats.   We all enjoyed a lunch time break, a plate of barbeque and each others company.    Thank you Hunter and friends!