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Noah's Ark




A No-Kill Shelter


Noah's Ark was created with the vision of providing a safe refuge for abused, unwanted and orphaned animals.

Noah's Ark is an independent community-supported non-profit animal shelter that provides humane shelter and services for animals in need. 

Through contributions from private individuals and organizations, the shelter maintains its dedication to animals. Without the generous support of the animal-lovers in this community and beyond, Noah's Ark would not be able to care for the more than 1,000 animals that come through the doors every year. Shelter staff, board members and the four-legged friends in the kennels can’t thank contributors enough for their support.

Each year over 100,000+ animals are needlessly destroyed in the Houston/Harris County area alone.  Our goal is to reduce this horrific number through public awareness, promoting responsible pet ownership and advocating spay/neuters.  All animals in the Noah's Ark program are kept indefinitely until permanent loving homes can be found through our carefully screened adoptive program.

Our vision is to provide a natural environment for domestic animals and wildlife that are injured or cannot be released. Noah's Ark is a refuge where animals, large and small, domestic and wildlife, can comfortably reside and be cared for the rest of their lives.

None of this is possible without the generous support of those who believe in the high value of all that is living, domestic animals and native Texas wildlife alike

Our Goals:

Thank you for your support!