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Noah's Ark Animal Sanctuary


A No-Kill Shelter

Bengals for Adoption

Noah's Ark has accepted 18 Bengal cats from a show cat breeder that had waaay too many cats, became ill and could not properly care for them.    The cats came to Noah's Ark myriad of medical problems including:  infested with fleas, patchy fur, full of worms, dehydrated, diarrhea, upper respiratory infections, and not spayed/neutered or vaccinated.    Noah's Ark has stepped in to nurture them back to health, spay/neuter and find them forever homes.     All of the cats available for adoption are now healthy to the best of our knowledge and have been spayed and neutered. 

We have an open room concept here at Noah's Ark.   You can enter each cattery, sit and visit with the cats available for adoption.    Chill out, sit a spell!   Bengals are a very special breed of cats; therefore, it is important to research the breed before adopting one.    Contact us for more information regarding personality and care of these unique cats.






Bring your family to meet the Dogs & Cats at the shelter or visit our

Saturday, Mobile Adoption Clinic.

Our adoption fee of $85.00 includes a Veterinarian examination, vaccinations, de-worm, 
spay/neuter and any necessary blood work.

Come by and visit the wonderful
companion animals waiting for lifelong homes!

We look forward to seeing you!

Thank you for your support! Together we can make it happen!