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The Bookshelf

Listed below are a few carefully chosen and recommended books for all animal enthusiasts.  We hope you find them insightful, beneficial and enjoyable to read. 

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Are You the Pet for Me?   Choosing the Right Pet for Your Family, by Mary Jane Checchi

This fine book fills a deep hole on the library shelf of pet books.  It goes a long way toward saving families a lot of misgivings and heartbreak over the adoption of pets that don't really fit into their lives.  And, perhaps even more importantly, it safeguards the lives of pets who are adopted by people who realize too late that they can't give the animals the time, resources or love that they deserve.  A well-written and thoroughly researched book this invaluable resource does a great service:  it shines the light of reality -- even down to dollars and cents -- on pet adoptions. 

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Surviving Your Dog's Adolescence : A Positive Training Program, by Carol Lea Benjamin
5 out of 5 stars A ground breaking insight into the mind of your dog, 
Reviewer: A reader from Edison

Ms. Benjamin leaves an indelible mark on the understanding of dogs with this work that recognizes that the time between puppy hood and adulthood is not limited to us humans. The excellent methodology outlined in this text denotes a person with an uncommon insight into the minds and behavior of dogs. The techniques described in the book are both helpful and thorough - follow them and you will get the job done. This is not a book for those who would build a relationship between a dog and the liver snaps in their pocket. It is a book for those who want to enjoy a warm relationship between themselves and their dogs.
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Lost and Found: Dogs, Cats, and Everyday Heroes at a Country Animal Shelter   by By Elizabeth Hess
5 out of 5 stars Beautiful-Mesmerizing-Unforgettable!, August 9, 2000
Reviewer: A reader from Fresno, CA  
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Circles of Compassion:  A Collection of Humane Words and Work,  by Elaine Sichel   Featuring true accounts, photographs and quotes. Circles of Compassion publicizes and pays honor to the work of companion animal shelters nationwide. The book includes stories from shelters around the United States, a survey of modern animal welfare, a list of books and groups for more information, tips on how to support your local shelter, and heartwarming photographs and quotes on compassion.

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The Chosen Puppy : How to Select and Raise a Great Puppy from an Animal Shelter by Carol Lea Benjamin 5.0 out of 5 stars
Excellent guide for choosing a shelter pup, July 12, 1998
Reviewer: Mary Waugh from Pittsburgh, PA

Carol does an excellent job of explaining a nutshell version of what to look for in a pup and how to start some basic training--and then specifically guides new puppy owners into special considerations for shelter dogs. Her book is easy to read and understand, with simple illustrations that make the training and teaching a puppy seem easy and enjoyable. Carol provides insightful information about things to consider when choosing a puppy in a strange new environment of the shelter, and how to help that puppy adjust to their new home. One of the few books specifically written for those who want to rescue a shelter dog.

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Shelter Dogs:  Amazing Stories of Adopted Strays
by Peg Kehret 
An amiable collection of short anecdotes about unwanted dogs who were dumped at animal shelters by their owners; Kehret (Small Steps, 1996, etc.) tells of eight strays who were subsequently adopted and accomplished great things. Tracker, who "began life unwanted and unloved, as do far too many puppies,''went on to become a movie star. Kirby's owner died and snapped and snarled at everyone; he was about to be euthanized when a shelter worker said softly, "Hey, Kirby. Want to go for a walk?''...

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Second Hand Dog:  How to Turn Yours into a First-Rate Pet
Highly recommended by Noah's Ark!!  These special care and training techniques show you how to attain the best possible relationship between you and your dog.

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Angel Whiskers, by Laurel E. Hunt 
4 out of 5 stars Good basic reference for healing the pain of pet loss. Reviewer from Seattle, WA USA
This book contains a lovely collection of written poems and memorials to beloved cats. The Cleveland Amory tale of the passing of Polar Bear is classic and guaranteed to make you weep. Also contained herein is the famous "Rainbow Bridge" poem by Anonymous. But new to me was the answering poem "Request from Rainbow Bridge" by Constance Jenkins, which I had not seen before and which I found to be one of the best pieces in the book. The written tributes were most moving and offer some warmth from the freezing, howling winds of grief at the loss of a beloved "fur-person". The vintage photographs presented with the poems and stories were also surprisingly touching. Looking at them, the love humans had and have for their pets is a tangible and powerful emotion captured on film. I found this book to be much more of a balm for sorrow than "The Heart that is Loved Never Forgets". It is a good companion book to Philip Schreibman's "My Cat Saved my Life" and would make an extremely thoughtful gift for someone who is mourning their cat.

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My Cat Saved My Life, by Phillip Schreibman

My Cat Saved My Life is one of those unexpected books, like Jonathan Livingston Seagull or Ishmael, with the power to change lives. A self-published success, it is the true story of a man who learned to live and rebuild his life through the lessons taught to him by the cat whose own life he had saved. It tells how one human found the way to reconnect to his essential being through the friendship of a beloved pet, and how his entire life was then forever changed.                                  Click for more about this book

Pet First Aid: Cats and Dogs    By Bobbie Mammato, DVM, MPH

Written and reviewed by veterinarians, Pet First Aid is an indispensable reference that explains, in simple terms, how pet owners can administer immediate help to their pets in an emergency. Easy-to-read sections cover proper emergency procedures, putting together a pet first aid kit, the tell-tale signs of particular injuries and illnesses, and much more.  -- Adapted from the cover

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