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Noah's Ark Animal Sanctuary


A No-Kill Shelter

Cats for Adoption

All cats are examined by a Veterinarian, spayed/neutered, vaccinated, de-wormed.   Noah's Ark does not euthanize because of illness, injury or lack of space.  All animals are kept indefinitely until a permanent, loving family can be found. 

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TLC CLUB:  Check out our **SPECIAL NEEDS CATS** in need of special homes!!


BIG MAN CHESTER is a very special boy that enjoys peace and tranquility around him.   His favorite sleeping spot is a large dog wicker basket layered with fluffy blankets.  Spoiled is his middle name.
NILLA:   She's a beautiful Siamese mix, approx. 5 months old.   She has a very vocal and outgoing personality.   Interacting with you and rubbing around your legs is her goal. 
TUBBY is just that!   He's fat and doesn't care about anything but his sleeping, food and his water bowl. 
JASMINE:  She is a gorgeous Calico Tortes Shell, approx. 2 years old.   She spends her days lounging around in the fat cat house and enjoying the visitors that come through. 

Meet Sega!   He is a neutered male Dilute Yellow Tabby, approximately 3-4 years old.  When he came to live at Noah's Ark, he was a little on the wild, skittish side having lived in a large feral colony of cats.   He has since had a LOT of tender loving attention from the volunteers, and has grown to become a gentle kitty with an abundance of personality.   Sega would best be suited in a home with older or no children.  He is truly a sweet cat that would make a fantastic companion to watch soap operas with.

There are so many kittens living here at Noah's Ark, just like this Siamese kitten.   Please come visit the shelter to adopt one, two or three!   You will be rewarded with a devoted companion for life.


Yellow Tabby and Black with Brown highlights.   These two little kitties were found by this wonderful couple.   They have taken them into their home and are fostering them until a loving home can be found.   Can you foster too?   There are so many other little kitties that need a halfway house before finding that perfect you.   Please contact the shelter for more information on fostering - to give a second chance.   You will be justly rewarded!!  These two little guys are playful and gentle. 

Meet STARBUCKS!   She has a wonderful and super spunky personality.   She loves to play with feather toys and ping pong balls.   She is a little on the feisty side, so she would best fit in a family with older children.   She is a really cooool cat!!

JAX:  8 months old.   He's enjoying life in what we call the fat cat house.    He can hold his own and plays with the older cats.   He would make an excellent companion for someone who loves a playful cat. 
MAXI:   Neutered male, 3 years old.   He's enjoying climbing and relaxing on the shelves in the cat house.   Beautiful cat!   Just look at those eyes!!
BELLIA:  female 12 week old Calico Torti.   Very personable and tender personality.  She loves to play with feather sticks and can be quite the acrobat.   She would thrive in a home with another cat to play with.
SUNFLOWER:  1 year old spayed female came to Noah's Ark with 4  - 8 week old identical copies in tow.   Very sweet cat and an exceptionally loving mother.  She loves her continuous feed food bowl... she's PHAT!
Mia Meow, spayed female short hair.   Personality all over the place!   She loves to chase feather sticks.
IT'S KITTEN SEASON!!   Noah's Ark has lots of little kitties that are just dying to swat around the dust bunnies all over your house.
CALI:  Spayed female Calico, approx 1-2 years old.  Likes to lay around the house and have things her way.  Very independent.  You know... you're really annoying me... hurry up and take the stinking picture!

We have MANY kittens in the cattery!!  Kittens will be ready for adoption after they are all spayed/neutered as required by Texas state law.



This is not a complete listing of all the animals!

More Cats and Kittens not Pictured!


Bring your family to meet the Dogs & Cats at the shelter or visit our

Saturday, Mobile Adoption Clinic.

Our adoption fee of $85.00 includes a Veterinarian examination, vaccinations, de-worm, 
spay/neuter and any necessary blood work.

Come by and visit the wonderful
companion animals waiting for lifelong homes!

We look forward to seeing you!

Thank you for your support! Together we can make

wonderful things happen!