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Noah's Ark




A No-Kill Shelter

There are many ways to help the animals living at Noah's Ark. This page will give you several ideas on how you can contribute. 

Can you Help???  We are nestled on 5 acres and have several immediate needs. Volunteers of all trades are needed such as: general contractors, plumbers, electricians and fence builders.  Please email us or call the shelter at 281-351-NOAH. 

Check out our "Foot by Foot" campaign.  Be Part of the Dream!

                **WISH LIST **

Listed below are items we always need.  You may have something that would help us immensely, or maybe you would like to buy one of the items specifically to help us care for the animals.  No matter how large or small, your contributions are always appreciated and guaranteed to help the animals.


American Express, Visa, Master Card, Discover

  Amount  $

(secure website)

 *all contributions are tax-deductible*


EVERY DAY NEEDS:  Cat Litter,  Dog/Puppy Food, Cat/Kitten Food, KMR Kitten Milk, Esbilac Puppy Milk, Paper Towels, Newspaper, Latex Gloves, Brooms & Dust Pans, Trash Can Liners (Drum Size), Antibacterial Hand Soap, Pine Sol, Bleach, Laundry Detergent, Mop Heads, SOS Pads & Sponges.

MEDICAL NEEDS:  Surgery Table, Stethoscope, Digital Baby Scale, Lactated Ringers, Syringes, Pepto Bismol, Imodium, Pedialyte, Hydrogen Peroxide, Alcohol, Heating Pads, Cotton Balls, Q-Tips, Gauze and Tape.

OFFICE NEEDS:  Copier, Letter Folding Machine, Laminating Sheets, Scanner, Color Printer, Clip Art, Copy Paper, Colored Paper, Postage Stamps, General Office Supplies, Polaroid 600 Film.

FARM NEEDS:  Riding Lawn Mower (we have 5 acres!)  Golf Cart for transporting food bags, Shovels, Posthole Digger, Rakes, Hand Tools, Lumber for Fencing, Leaf Blower, Weed Eater, Metal Shelving and Square Concrete Pavers (to line the inside of the kennel runs).

DONATED SERVICES:  Printing, Advertising, General Contracting, Electrical, Plumbing, Septic, Concrete & Brick Work, Landscaping/Lawn Service.

FINANCIAL SUPPORT:  Your contribution will help defray the veterinary expenses that exceeds our adoption fees.  Among these expenses are spay/neuter, heartworm treatment, medications, medical supplies, mange & flea dips and mending broken legs. Your financial assistance will also help us with transportation to and from Veterinarian offices, and bringing the animals to Saturday's mobile adoption clinics. 

AUTOMOTIVE:   Noah's Ark is now down to 1 transport van!   Both vans have well over 120,000 miles and are constantly in various states of repair.   One van is not operable for transport in the summer, because the air conditioning is not working and the animals cannot be transported in  Houston's sweltering heat without risking heat stroke.   We REALLY need another van to safely transport the animals.   If you have a used van to donate, the animals with heavy coats would be very grateful!!   
    Oil change, new tires, balance & rotation, general check up
    Car wash & vacuum


An annual contribution giving life for one year to the animals that make their way through the Noah's Ark program and find a second chance in another home.  $175 for kitten or puppy; $300 for cat or small dog;  $500 for large dog.  This will help with medical expenses and boarding.

DUMP YOUR CLUNKER!   Instead of trading in your old car donate it, whatever condition.  The Misses gets the garage space, you get a tax deduction and Noah's Ark get some much-needed funds.  You will qualify to receive a tax deduction on the full value of your vehicle, and help save the lives of Houston's homeless animals at the same time.    ...everyone goes home happy!

Noah’s Ark is supported entirely by donations.  You can help feed and care for the animals with an automatic draft from your checking account or credit card.   You can specify monthly, bi-monthly or annually support.  For more information email Noah's Ark or call the shelter 281-351-NOAH.  We can email or fax you the form.

Ask your employer if they will match your charitable contributions.  Your company can increase the impact of your gift dollar-for-dollar and can inspire other fellow employees to do the same.

Gifts may be made in memory of a loved one or celebrate the adoption of a new animal honor of a special occasion such as a birthday, anniversary, retirement or a holiday remembrance...or a special way to say, "Thank You!"

One paragraph in your will can insure a humane future for innocent animals even when you're no longer here. Or, give a gift of real estate, stock, life insurance or a charitable gift annuity.  Ask us for a step-by-step brochure to assist you in donating this ever lasting gift.


SHARE CARDS:  Link your grocery store cards to Noah's Ark!  RANDALLS, GERLANDS, KROGERS & ALBERTSONS will donate 1% of your total purchase to Noah's Ark.  FREE to you!

RANDALLS SHARE CARDRANDALLS "Remarkable Card" ID #7975.   Give the cashier this number ONE time at the check-out stand.  They will link our charity to your blue Remarkable Card.  That's it!  You're linked from then on!  

GERLANDS Customer Advantage Card ID# 111820.  Give the cashier this number when checking out.  They will link our charity to your Customer Advantage Card.

KROGER "Share Card" number is ID# 48650005321.   Print this card, put it in your wallet and show the cashier every time you shop.  If you would like a card mailed to you, please write to the address below and specify how many cards you would like.  Share CardKROGER SHARE CARD

    Thank you for helping the
animals living at
Noah's Ark!  

Albertsons Share CardAlbertsons Community Partner Card Print this card, put it in your wallet and show the cashier every time you shop.  If you would like a card mailed to you, please write to the address below and specify how many cards you would like. 


These programs are a Simple and Easy way to help

without costing you anything!


Did you know that Noah's Ark:

  • Is an all-volunteer organization?
  • Receives no federal or state funding?
  • Relies solely on private donations from kind supporters?


Thank you for your support! Together we can make    wonderful things happen!