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Noah's Ark Animal Sanctuary


A No-Kill Shelter

Lost & Found Suggested  Pet Procedures

Noah's Ark is dedicated to helping reunite lost/found pets with their families.  If you have seen any of these dogs/cats, please contact the worried pet owner.  If you have found a dog/cat, you will be blessed for your compassion in helping the pet find their way back to their family.

For posting a notice here: List exact date, location or area of town, brief description of pet, (example:  male/female, weight, wearing collar, coat/eye color, long/short hair), your phone number & email address. Pictures must be in jpeg format.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If your pet is found, please be considerate and contact Noah's Ark to take your pet off the Lost/Found page. This makes room for other people to post lost/found animals. This website is maintained by a Noah's Ark volunteer. Please be patient as the webpage is updated as often as possible. Click here to contact the Webmaster.



Missing Hurricane Rita Victim: Please help me find my missing pet, Ms. Kitty Codrington! She escaped her pet carrier around 2pm on Thursday, September 22 in the Intercontinental Airport Area as we were resting on the 59 feeder outbound past Rankin Rd. She was terrified of the cars and traffic and she ran into the nearby woods. She is a black and white cat with a pink collar with a bell on it. Thank you, Ayo Codrington 832-723-8912, 713-741-8912

LOST PUG: My 4 month old pug is lost. He weighs less than 10 pounds, has an abnormally small nose so he has problems breathing. He was last seen on 10/1/2005 at 7:30 p.m. on the corner of Oswego and Baca Street in Jacinto City Texas. He is a fawn color male. He has velvet soft ears. There is a cash reward for him, no questions asked. I miss him sooooo much and need him back. PLEASE help me, I am very depressed at this moment.



If You Have LOST a Pet:  TIME IS CRUCIAL!!!  Many pets are picked up by kind strangers or just wander up to people's homes.   Ask your friends and neighbors to help you!! Start checking shelters immediately. Animal control shelters are so overcrowded that they usually only hold animals for 3-7 days.  In Texas, they are only legally liable to hold an animal for 72 hours. The city/county facilities are incredibly busy, so plan to check there daily because you CANNOT rely on someone there telling you that your pet has been found. Remember too that each county has its own animal control facilities as well as shelters; so if you are in a suburban area, don't assume that you should only look in your immediate city our county.

Less than 10% of pets without tags ever find their way home.
90% WITH tags get back home! Please tag your pet!!


If you have Lost or Found a pet

Put up signs right away and of course, check for other people’s posted signs. Make signs that say LOST or FOUND and the breed of dog with your phone number. Use a black permanent marker and big letters. White (plastic) paper plates and clear packaging tape hold up well in the wind and rain. Post them at the entrances to your subdivision and at a couple of busy intersections in your area. Put the word out. Tell you neighbors and all the neighborhood children.  Children know what’s going on in your area and if someone has acquired a new pet.  Just ask them and they will willingly tell you.  Notify your police substation, local post office and mail carriers.

Give a lost or found pet report to the following:

Use every resource available you can think of.  For example, if it's Girl Scout Cookie time of year, give some of the kids flyers to hand out for you.  Ask the closest school principals to make announcements on the P.A. in the mornings. 


If you live near a PetsMart or PetCo, you can also put a notice on their bulletin board. Some supermarkets have community bulletin boards where you can post notices.   Post a notice on the bulletin board at local businesses and places of worship.


Check lost and found ads in the daily newspaper, local neighborhood newsletter and advertising papers as well. Don't assume that an animal advertised as lost in a different area is actually a different animal. People pick up pets and let them go, steal them, or the animal can just roam on their own.


If You FIND a Pet:  

Follow the same instructions above for notifying area vets, shelters, rescue groups, and for posting signs. If you have found an animal, you should go through these same notification and sign posting procedures.  Don't forget to check newspaper ads!!!


Check for identification:  This could be a tattoo on the inside of the leg (usually high upper thigh) or inside the ear. Tattoos on thighs are often easy to miss because they can be obscured by hair so look carefully. If this is an AKC (American Kennel Club) number, you can call them at 919-233-3600 and they can help you find the owner. Many dogs & cats have implanted microchips, which can be scanned by a veterinarian who is a member of the Home Again or AVID network. Ask the Vet if they have universal scanners, which read both companies chips.  Micro-chipped animals may also have a referral tag.  The number for Home Again is 800-252-7894. The AVID number is 1-800-336-AVID.


A few lucky pets will have ID tags attached. A rabies tag has the phone number of the treating veterinarian.


It is important not to give out too much information. Your sign should say FOUND, brief breed description of the pet, and your phone number. Leave out the dog’s sex and any identifying marks, collars, etc.


When you get a call: Let the owner describe the dog to you. Many unscrupulous people comb the lost and found ads as well as "free-to-good-home" ads looking for un-sterilized animals that can be used as breeding stock in wholesale livestock operations. Others are looking for animals that can be resold to medical researchers. If the description doesn't match up, don't offer any further information. Also get a phone number from anyone coming to look at the animal and call them back to make arrangements. Check their driver's license number and take the information down before you let them have the animal, even if they do seem to know it.


If you cannot find the pets owner: Many people can keep a pet until a good home comes along, but can't keep it for a lifetime. If you can foster the animal, there are several rescue and foster agencies that will help you find another home.  They will send you information on how to find it a good secure home, and we will be happy to work with you to help get the pet adopted.   See the attached list of area shelter and rescue groups.


A word to the wise: Wearing ID tags can save your pets life. To protect your pet, keep a well-fitting buckle collar and ID tags on your pet at all times (even if it is "strictly a housepet"). At most PetsMarts, PetCo's and WalMart's there are machines available to make on-the-spot collar I.D.s for a minimal amount of money, so even if you've recently moved, make a new I.D. tag, notify the vet in your old neighborhood of your new phone number, address, etc.  Check the tags frequently to make sure they are secure.


In addition to tags on your dog's collar, you may want to consider some form of permanent identification for it. We highly recommend the Home Again or Avid microchip, which is available from your veterinarian. These chips include tags that go on the collar and a 24-hour referral number.   REMEMBER… if you move, you must update your new address with Home Again or AVID.  The chip is only good if the chip company can locate you.


An alternative or additional way to ID your pet is to use a light-colored cloth collar and write your name and phone number with an indelible marker, or special order a collar with your name and phone number embroidered on it.



Any identification is better than none

and Multi-ID systems are best of all!!


Thank you for your support! Together we can make it happen!